Exhaust Laggin

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There are many reasons to have exhaust lagging for your Engine projects not only does it help with thermal efficiancy it reduces noise and prolongs the life of your exhaust to reduce temperatures and keep the heat in. Its also used for health and safety reasons to stop passers buy getting burnt on the hot exhaust.



Energy in the UK

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Much of the emphasis in energy debates tends to focus on the supply side of the issue, and ignore the demand. A number of commentators are concerned that this is being largely overlooked, partly due to the strength of the energy industry lobby. Energy conservation also has great potential, and may be able to significantly cut the size of the supposed energy gap, if early and concerted action is taken.


Generators We Have Recently Installed

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At FDL Generators we pride ourselves on our transparency with customers and love to see a consumer happy with the finished product. That’s why we’ve brought this short post to show you some recently finished projects.

We are proud of our services and even more our ever-growing client base, which is increasing month on month. We have installed generators for many large names including: Primark, Marks & Spencers, The Royal Mail, Smiths News and many more.

One of our largest projects was that of the largest Marks & Spencers store located in Cheshire Oaks(image below). We are also proud to say they were that happy with our service they said they would recommend and use us for future building projects

Marks & Spencers, Cheshire Oaks:

M&S Cheshire Oaks


Spire Hospital, Harpenden:

Generator for Spire Hospital



Royal Russell School:

We Installed an 375kvA Volvo diesel generator to provide back-up power for the school.

We designed the generator with extensive fuel capacity, SMS capabilities and automatic changeover panel to ensure the backup supply kicks in within seconds of an emergency.

Generator for Royal Russell School


Arcadia, Milton Keynes:

We installed a replacement 1000kvA genset for Arcadia due to a failing previous generator.

Generator for Arcadia



We have lots of exciting future projects coming up and we will keep you updated with completed projects here at FDL Power.


Commercial Diesel Generators

Natural Gas vs Diesel Generators

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It was only a couple of years ago that traditional logic for generator sets was that diesel meant reliable and inexpensive but also noisy and messy. Natural Gas meant quiter, cleaner and a little more expensive. Although in recent years thanks to the advance in technology – means that the differences between diesel and natural gas generators are not so clear cut anymore.

Diesel Generator



The battle between the two generators are that Diesel Generators are renowned for providing response, power and durability. While Natural Gas generators are more environmentally friendly. Although it’s known that the environmental standpoint is true, in some cases diesel generators are not as much the clear winner when it comes to power and output. Through years of manufacturing and improved technology, natural gas engines can now optimise the RPM of these engines to make their response output similar to that of diesel.

When it comes to energy density, diesel no doubt has greater peak energy density than natural gas by more than THREE times. With this in mind, density is heavily affected by both the engine and fuel conditions. Therefore, a poorly looked after diesel generator or one running on poor-quality fuel will likely still outperform a natural gas engine but most importantly will not perform at its peak.

Diesel Generators

Diesel Generators have a sweet spot of 50-70% of load and will typically accept 65% first step load (e.g. 100 KVA generator will only take 65 KVA first step), with 80% being the recommended maximum for long-term optimal operation. Running them under a lighter load for long periods of time leads to a problem known as wet stacking, where the engine sends unburned fuel and soot into the exhaust system leading to much lower usage efficiency.

Businesses that run engines under light loads often incorporate load banks to consume the excess energy wasted. This is a viable approach as it reduces wet stacking although can waste a significant amount of fuel. Alternatively, those operators could increase the load on the generator to bypass wet stacking or some may go as for as purchasing a natural gas generator as they have much lower loads than diesel sets.

 Which Is More Expensive?

It used to be clear-cut between the two with Diesel Generators being considerably less expensive than comparable natural gas models. Although it is still common to find most Diesel Generators to be cheaper than a similar Natural Gas generator. For a competitive replacement for a Diesel Generator we would only recommend this when high kW’s are required, power producers can create configurations made up of smaller engines combined to provide generators with the cumulative kW needed for large operations.

Over the past few years, natural gas genset suppliers have also been declaring fuel prices as cost beneficial, but is this the case? While the decrease in natural gas prices is certainly making them a more attractive option, plummeting oil prices are having the same effect on diesel generator fuel. We can’t make a prediction in this case, because the outcome of fuel prices are constantly fluctuating. Although we cannot see Natural Gas generators directly competing in price with Diesel standby power anytime soon.

 Storage and Maintenance

fdl refuelling

The handling of fuel between both generator types is also not so clear cut, many variables are accounted for and it always depends on the situation and need.

For Natural Gas generators it is widely recommended by many suppliers to supply to the generator through a pipeline to ensure safe delivery and less exposure to danger/exterior sources. Although as you can imagine the trouble with this is natural disasters such as earthquakes that disrupt earth, can cause problems for the pipeline often leading to supply interruptions requiring maintenance. If you are situated in the United Kingdom or somewhere with rare earthquakes then the risk is much lower, although surprisingly even some very serious weather conditions can actually disrupt gas supply lines such as tornados, hurricanes etc.

On the other hand, Diesel Generators are supplied by delivery which of course has its strengths and weaknesses too. If a truck can access the site then there are no problems nor limits on delivery frequency. Although, weather conditions can also disrupt the availability of delivery to some operators in rural locations. Additionally Diesel Generators can also become contaminated with water, particulates and algae over time. But, thanks to advances in technology, filtration systems are now available and can greatly reduce the effect and growth of any algae and unwanted particulates clogging up your diesel generator.

So, Diesel or Natural Gas?

There are some other minor factors to consider when determining what is ‘best’ fit and as always your needs and situation factor into this also. Although both types of generator industries are rapidly increasing their manufacturing and year-on-year are competing with each other to reduce their weaknesses. Despite this being said Diesel Generators are still ahead of the game(no bias intended) and account for around 81% of the generator market, which is an astonishing figure.

It boils down to – gas sets are much more suitable for Base load running and CHP (combined heat and power) so it’s dependent on the needs. Also, if you are looking for something environment friendly and would like a cleaner burning fuel then we do recommend a Natural Gas generator as this is no doubt the prominent strength of this generator type, although if you like higher power at usually a lower cost then give us a call today and we can design a generator right for you.



Fore more information: http://www.power-eng.com/articles/print/volume-119/issue-2/features/comparing-natural-gas-and-diesel-generator-sets.html

Why a Standby Generator is a Must for Supermarkets

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Standby generators are becoming incredibly popular with businesses all over the world, in particular supermarkets. They are used as a back-up supply of power, in case the property is cut off for any reason. This means that you don’t have to worry about ever being stuck without electricity as you have your generator just in case!

Here are 4 reasons that a standby generator is essential for your supermarket!

1. Reduced downtime

Downtime can cost your business thousands of pounds, if not more, which means that it is vital that you avoid it where possible. Each hour of business that you lose because of a power shortage will affect the amount of money that you make that day. According to a recent survey, 68% of consumers say it’s important to be able to buy what they want, when they want it. This means that if your supermarket is closed, your customers will probably look elsewhere! While they are looking around your competitors premises, they might decide that they prefer their shop and you will lose a valuable customer. This problem can be avoided by having a standby generator in place to protect the profits of your business.

2. Food needs to be kept at a certain temperature

If you work in a supermarket, the chances are that you will have a store full of food. Most of this will need to be kept refrigerated or frozen to ensure that it can be eaten safely. In the event of a power shortage, the fridges and freezer will all be turned off and the products will begin to thaw. If the problem is not fixed immediately, you will lose thousands of pounds worth of food as you will no longer be able to sell them. A standby generator will start working as soon as you main power supply is switched off, which means that your food will still be kept cool and fresh!

3. Your lighting and security equipment will also be switched off

When your main supply of power goes off, it’s not just the refrigerators that will be affected. The lighting in the supermarket, door alarms and CCTV will also be turned off. This not only puts your store at risk of being stolen from, but it also means that customers and employees could hurt themselves. Their safety should be your main priority, which is why you need to have procedures in place for when events like this occur. Having a standby generator in your supermarket will ensure that all lighting and equipment is kept on so that you can carry on as usual.

4. Your tills rely on power 

The tills are one of the many things that rely on power in a supermarket. If there is a problem with the power, you won’t be able to get in or out of the tills. This makes it really difficult to do transactions as many people prefer to pay for their weekly shops with bank or credit cards. You will also be missing out financial opportunity if the power cut is affecting the local area as many people will pop into the shop for a drink or snack as their utilities aren’t working at home. All of these problems can be avoided by having a standby generator, which can support your business when it needs it most.


FDL Power are a leading supplier of high quality, affordable generators. Whether you’re looking for a standby, prime or continuous, we can help! Please get in touch if you would like to find out more.

The Benefits of a Diesel Standby Generator For Your Business

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Standby generators are used as a backup electrical system, so if you’re ever cut off from your main supply you won’t have to go without power. Retail outlets, factories and hospitals are just a few examples of establishments that need to have these types of units installed. Food companies, like supermarkets and restaurants also rely on standby generators because without power they could lose thousands of pounds worth of food.

Here are the main benefits of a diesel standby generator:


Maintenance can be carried out when it’s convenient for you

fdl refuelling | Benefits of a Diesel Standby Generator

Downtime is one of the most costly problems that can occur within your business, which is why you should try to avoid when possible. You will need to ensure that regular maintenance work is carried out on your generator if you want to avoid the system breaking down. One of the great things about diesel standby generators is that the maintenance can be carried out without disrupting the power. This means that you don’t have to worry about closing the business, you can continue your day as usual!


Cheaper than other models

Because they don’t require elaborate features like continuous and prime generators, they tend to be cheaper. They also run for a much shorter time, which means that the running cost is much less than other types of generators. One of the most important things when managing a successful business is to keep your spending to a minimum. With the diesel standby generator, you can protect your company against power shortages without having to spend a fortune!


They cool down naturally

Most generators have to be cooled down artificially with the help of a cooling unit. As standby generators are only used for a short period, they have time to cool down naturally. Some models are available with a small additional cooling unit, to speed up the cooling process if necessary. This means that they don’t need to use as much energy as prime and continuous generators, as they cool down on their own.


They don’t need heavy duty air cleaners


Over time, dust can collect on the surface and in the engines of generators. This is a problem with continuous and prime generators in particular, as they are exposed to dust for longer. They are often fitted with heavy duty air cleaners and filters, which can again add to the cost of the generator. Diesel standby generators don’t suffer with this problem as much, which makes it much easier to maintain the quality of the unit.


Backup generators are essential for any business that wants to avoid power cuts and shortages. FDL Power has a wide range of quality units available for an affordable price. We can give you an experienced consultation to help you decide on the most suitable generator for you. If you want to find out more information about the products that we have available, please contact us directly!