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Fuel & Oil Analysis

Generator fuel analysis and testing can determine component wear, bearing wear, additive depletion / fuel dilution, coolant leaks and contamination. This identifies potential causes for fuel filter plugging, smoking, loss of power, poor injector performance, malfunctioning throttle position sensors and sticking valves. Generator diesel analysis can also determine a fuel’s sulphur content, biodiesel content and compliance with manufacturer specifications and standards for cleanliness that could affect equipment warranty stipulations.

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Generator Load Bank Testing

Oil Analysis

Oil is the “lifeblood” of machines and equipment. Routine oil sampling, testing and analysis can show you how the condition of a particular lubricant can affect equipment performance and, ultimately, your bottom line. Oil analysis can:
• maximise oil lifetime by only replacing lubricants when necessary
• prevent breakdowns by early identification of deteriorating machine components
• schedule planned downtime to maintain machines
• reduce lubrication and maintenance expense
• reduce environmental impact by reducing waste oils
• manage their machinery lubrication programmes effectively maximises asset reliability

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