Generator Refuelling Service

Keeping your generator fuelled & ready to go

While your standby generator will protect you against electrical power failure, it’s important to remember that the generator itself needs fuel. Here at FDL Generators, we’re able to provide generator refuelling service in emergency circumstances. If your tank is running low, make sure you call us quickly.

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Generator refuelling service

Following an emergency callout to a standby generator which had been refuelled through the rocker box cover, FDL Generators decided it was time to offer a professional commercial generator refuelling service. We’re able to refuel generators with small quantities (up to 1,000 litres) of fuel.

Service available throughout the UK

In addition to serving Berkshire and our local area, we’re also able to provide a network of engineers that are able to refuel generators throughout the UK. Generator fuel will always be stored in the fuel tanks and not the engine.

Generator maintenance also available

An empty tank doesn’t always mean your generator has used the fuel. Sometimes it indicates a leak or other problem. When called out to refuel a generator, our engineers will always carry out a thorough inspection and provide maintenance where required.


Experienced generator services

FDL Generators does more than just supply generator fuel. For more than 40 years we’ve been designing, supplying and installing diesel generators and UPS systems. If you’d like to find out more, please check out our completed projects or feel free to contact us.


Emergency Generator Refuelling