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FDL Generators have over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing, installing and maintaining emergency power generators with expertise in the field of standby power. We have engineers commissioning and maintaining installations of standby generators for hospitals and schools of all sizes in locations throughout the UK. FDL supply generators built to deal with everything from voltage fluctuations to complete power outages.

Your school or hospital offers education and healthcare to those that need it the most. Because of this, they need a reliable and constant power supply, with generators being especially important for hospitals. Unfortunately, power outages are almost always unpredictable and unexpected. Leaving your establishment without an emergency power system would leave hundreds of patients vulnerable and hundreds of children without communication or technology which is why having a hospital emergency generator or emergency power system is a necessity.

We don’t just supply a standard range of products. Our equipment can be designed and manufactured to the exact specification of your requirements, whether it’s a pre-school or a secondary school, a GP surgery or a hospital. The generators that we build are manufactured at our Northampton plant, and they are matched with uninterruptible power supply equipment to ensure that nothing will be lost in those moments between your usual power supply and your generator. All of our generators are designed to run quietly so will be compliant for noise restricted areas.

If you are already utilising a UPS system, emergency generator or other standby power source, you will need to put a regular maintenance schedule in place. FDL Generators offers a professional and reliable generator repair and maintenance service designed to keep your equipment running smoothly for as long as possible.

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